How to maintain coffee freshness

Importance of freshness: When coffee beans are freshly roasted, they contain oils and flavors that give your coffee its rich and complex taste. As time passes, these oils and flavors degrade, resulting in a stale or flat tasting coffee.

Proper Storage Techniques: A key factor for coffee freshness is proper storage. Avoid storing coffee beans in a place that is exposed to light, heat or moisture. The can accelerate the degradation process. Choose an airtight container that can protect your beans from light and oxygen. Java Plus carries these containers. Store your coffee beans in a cool dark place.

Seal the Deal: Once you have opened a bag of roast coffee beans, it is essential to seal it properly. Consider investing in a quality coffee storage container with a built in valve that allows carbon dioxide to escape without letting oxygen in. Java Plus carries these containers.

Buy in small batches: It is best to purchase coffee in small batches to insure optimum freshness. Coffee beans have limited shelf life, buying what you consume in a few weeks is ideal. This way you can enjoy your coffee at its peak flavor before it starts to deteriorate.

Freezer Myth: There is a common misconception that storing coffee beans in the freezer that can help preserve its freshness. While freezing coffee beans can slow down the degradation process, it can also absorb moisture and odors from the freezer.



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